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About: Ontmoet de trainers


CRG Holland is a full-service company in the field of karting located in Loenen, the Netherlands. You can drop by our building to buy karts and accessories as well as for maintenance and service. As official importer of CRG, we offer CRG karts and accessories. Moreover, we offer TM and Rotax engines, as well as Bridgestone tires, Arai helmets and Unipro laptimers. We have a large showroom where these products are displayed. We also offer used karts and accessories. In the context of maintenance, we have some highly innovative machines. Among others, a test bench to test how much horsepower engines give and how fast the engines run, a straightening bench to straighten karts and a honing machine. You can call us for a price indication and appointment.



Michel Vacirca is the teammanager of CRG Holland Racing Team. He has had many own successes, forty years of experience in the field of racing and is always up to date with the latest developments. CRG Holland is present at both national and international races, offering training and guidance as well as our products and maintenance and service at the track. We had great wins with among others Guido van der Garde, Nico Hulkenberg, Rick Dreezen and Max Verstappen within our team.

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CRG is one of the most prestigious and important companies in the world of karting. Its history is full of International wins and its products feature top end quality that is well appreciated by thousands of customers all over the world. The production site and the headquarters of the company are located in Lonato del Garda (Brescia, Italy) in a technology center of over 10.000 square meters where chassis, racing accessories and promotional and rental karts are produced. The high-tech research and development center and the racing department are the pride and joy of the company and grant the transfer of the know-how built in karting races to the production. CRG was founded in 1986 and it strengthened its structure both from the commercial and sporting standpoints, reaching the top of the market in more than 30 years of activity. CRG’s efforts and vision have always been focused to the future, thanks its capability of analyzing the market needs and developing innovative projects and products inspired to high quality and effective customer service.

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